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Lube Weldtite Tf2 Ultradry Chain Wax

Lube Weldtite Tf2 Ultradry Chain Wax

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High-performance Dry Wax formulated to penetrate the links of the chain before coating the outside to form a durable barrier against dirt and dust.

Optimised for elite competition to provide ultra-efficient gear changes and chain performance. Bang for buck, Weldtite Dry Wax is unrivalled with performance gains closely matching performance lubes over 10x the price.

Weldtite Dry Wax should only be applied to a perfectly clean chain. This will ensure the chain is kept clean between applications which can be in excess of 350km in dry conditions.

Suitable as an alternative to Dry Lube and best suited out of all lubes for indoor training, squirt on the chain and ensure the wax is left to dry before use.
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