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Security Vault Bike Id Kit

Security Vault Bike Id Kit

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Bike thieves are cunning, some alter and remove frame numbers and change parts to avoid a stolen bike being identified and them being caught!

The BIKE ID KIT+ identification kit powered by DataDot Technology provides the ultimate solution to deter thieves and protect your bikes identity and your ownership.

Not just advanced Overt, Covert and Stealth (near invisible) identification that can be applied to whole bike, your ID kit purchase includes:

? Lifetime free registration on BikeVAULT*
? Ensuring your bikes identity and your ownership is secure and searchable for life;
? Theft recovery support if your bike is stolen*
? Expert support to aid in identifying and recovering your bike.
? Insurance benefits*
? Bonus Discount & Excess Rebate may apply.
What's in the kit:

? DataDotDNA Microdots

? 1,000 tiny clear polymer discs smaller than a grain of sand (0.5mm in diameter). The microdots are etched with a unique code and applied with a proprietary adhesive coating, containing UV and DataTraceID® covert markers, providing near invisible identification to your whole bike, not just the frame.

? Bullseye Marking Rings

? 16 x removable bullseye marking ring labels for accurate microdot placement and photographic recording.

? Warning Label

? High visibility BikeVAULT warning label to deter potential thieves from stealing your bike.

? Bike ID Security Labels

? High bond tamper evident labels with a proprietary UV Trace adhesive that leaves a hidden footprint in suitable painted / clearcoat surfaces (1). Included labels:

? 1 x QR Code label - Providing quick scan VAULT status (SAFE, STOLEN or FOR SALE) and Ghost ID stenciling (hidden identification) visible by black light torch when the label is removed.
? 8 x Mini ID labels - Used for discrete individual component identification.
Note: (1) UV footprint and Ghost ID may not perform on all painted/clearcoat surfaces including e-coat, uncoated aluminium, steel, carbon fibre and plastic.
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